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ages 10-11

Pages 95

Title: Teaching Treasures Workbook with Christian Content

Description:  This cross curricula workbook is designed to improve ideas, skills, techniques, and processes within the learning areas of English, Maths, Art, Science, Technology, Health Education, Languages other than English (LOTE), and Society and Environment (SOSE).

Investigate how colour sets moods, learn about musical instruments, and look at symmetry and primary colours. Improve reading, writing and comprehension skills while identifying professions, animals and inventions across the globe. Improve health of individuals and populations and collect data about hemiplegia, paraplegia, quadriplegia and cerebral palsy issues.

Look at safety issues for young people, Vitamin C and the reasons why people need it while building upon a wide range of knowledge skills at their own level. All worksheets are ideal for collaboration in group learning to improve cooperation skills or as an individual project. Within the maths area students will learn how to work with number patterns, problem solving, money and fractions, foreign currency, chance and data, time, and shapes.

The Science area covers earth and space, rocks, the weather, the sun, water issues, the emu, animal gender and investigates animals and animal categories. Improve technology knowledge and collect data about inventors, yester-years, computers, fun parks, keyboards, wheels and design using recycled materials. Students will learn how to conduct investigations of their local environment, water catchments, seasons and seasonal differences. Learn about indigenous people, their history, geography, economy & society.

Contains additional teacher help notes, answer keys, outcome statements, extra suggested curricula activities complementing the worksheets, and 50 suggested Bible passages to read (your own Bible is required for this).

Format: eBook pdf

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